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Flint River - New Home Built by Boutros Construction, Inc.

 A Boutros Construction Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation by Boutros Construction

Beautiful Cabinet Tops - Granite, Marble, Your Choice - Make a Beautiful Kitchen

Boutros Construction Family Room!

Boutros Construction Bath Renovation.

A Boutros Kitchen Project with Hardwood Floors, Granite Counters, and Custom Tile

Medowlake Kitchen Renovation

Custom Kitchens by Boutrous

Boutros Construction, Inc. builds beautiful custom homes and works with home owners and business owners on a full range of renovation and expansion projects,  including:

Commercial Construction - Boutros Construction, Inc. builds commercial construction projects large and small. We provide hands-on support for the complete project -- design, permitting, subcontracting, construction, completion. Let Boutros help with your next project.

Flint River - New Home Built by BoutrosNew Home Construction - If you're tired of living in someone else's dream home -- whether that be a subdivision tract house or a used custom home, now is the time to think about building your own dream home. Land prices are lower than they have been in 10 years and even prime building lots in coveted neighborhoods are available. And labor costs are now affordable. Boutros can build the new home that you've always wanted.

Additions - Whether you need a completely new space or need to add space to your existing structure, Boutros Construction can handle all aspects of your room addition project, from designing a new space that will blend with your existing structure to acquiring the necessary permits to managing the entire construction project from start to finish.

Kitchens - A kitchen is the heart of the home and Beautiful Kitchens by Boutros - Kitchen Remodeling - Custom Kitchen Cabinets Boutros' knows how important an efficient kitchen layout is to a cook and how important a beautiful place to gather is to a family. When you're planning your kitchen project, please contact us so that we can assist you in assessing your plumbing, electrical, and structural issues and selecting quality products that will give you a beautiful kitchen that your family can enjoy for years to come.

Custom Cabinets - Custom cabinetry can make your home a show place and often the cost is not substantially greater than stock cabinetry. Boutros Construction specializes in custom cabinetry, so let us help you achieve your vision in custom cabinetry.

Bathrooms - There's nothing worse than starting a day in an old, ugly, poorly functioning bathroom. If you're ready to improve your life by improving your bath, Boutros Construction will be happy to meet with you and discuss your bath remodeling project and then work diligently to deliver the bath of your dreams.

Kitchen and Bath Cabintery

Home Renovations by BoutrosOffices - When your business additional office space or your home office needs an upgrade or expansion, Boutros can help you plan, implement, and complete the perfect space to work on time and within budget.

Floors - Flooring can make all the difference in both the ease of maintenance and how you feel about your space. Boutros can guide you in the selection of the right kind of flooring for your project and provide expert installation. We can also provide custom countertops and flooring in kitchens, baths, and other utility areas of the home.

Flint River - New Home Construction by Boutros Construction, Inc.New Construction - If you've been thinking about building your dream home or new office project, now is the time. Land prices are lower than years past. Construction materials and experienced labor are much more readily available. Only you can choose the perfect spot to build, but we can handle the rest. Boutros Construction, Inc. specializes in all aspects of residential and commercial new construction.

Decks and Patios - We Texans take pride in our outdoor living space. Both decks and patios can greatly expand the living and entertaining space of a home or office facility. If you're ready to relax in the great outdoors, let Boutros build the deck or patio for your perfect outdoor living area.

Fencing - Fencing is a necessity for most city lots. It can also be an attractive portion of the landscape surrounding your home. Let Boutros help you with your next fencing project.

Boutros Construction, Inc.

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